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Learn More about Sazerac Stitches

Hi! We're Kirsten and Matt. We live in New Orleans, have two dogs, and got married a few years ago. We really enjoy making things. In fact, our love of design and creativity is the entire reason why we own Sazerac Stitches.

What's with our name, Sazerac Stitches? In 2012, Sazerac Stitches started as a small sewing company on Etsy that made mustache flags. Over time, we decided to keep the name, but moved away from sewing to focus on create, fun, and vintage inspired lighting. Although our product has changed, our passion for creativity has been a constant. Every day we strive to create things that we love and hope you'll love them too.

We have been lucky to work with a number of fun bloggers and are constantly on the lookout for other fun collaborations. If you have an idea for a new design or collaboration, reach out to us!