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Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Hardware Guaranteed to Match Lighting June 19 2024, 0 Comments

Colorful Rainbow assortment of drawer pulls and knobs

Matching Lighting and Cabinetry Hardware and Drawer pulls doesn't have to be hard. Sazerac Stitches' collection of lighting and hardware is a guaranteed match every time. 

The Chimie Chandelier: A Conversation-Starting Statement Piece May 28 2024, 0 Comments

The Chimie Chandelier by Sazerac Stitches is a conversation starter statement light fixture for all decor styles

Science whizzes turned lighting enthusiasts? That's us at Sazerac Stitches. Back in college, we were fascinated by the natural world (think evolutionary biology) and the thrill of engineering challenges. Those passions might not have led us down traditional career paths, but they did spark the creation of something truly unique: the Chimie Chandelier.

Powdercoating: The Secret Behind Sazerac Stitches' Colorful Lighting May 23 2024, 0 Comments

Powdercoating: The secret behind colorful and durable light fixtures

Imagine stepping into your home and being greeted by a symphony of color. Light fixtures aren't just functional at Sazerac Stitches – they're vibrant splashes of personality, handcrafted right here in New Orleans. But there's a secret weapon behind those eye-catching hues: powder coating!

The Loa Carousel Sconce or Chandelier: Small Space, Big Style May 14 2024, 0 Comments

Lights are more than just illumination. As design icon RuPaul once said, “lighting is like the jewelry of your home,” adding personality and pulling a space together. But what if your space is, well, on the smaller side? Fear not, because the Loa Carousel Sconce or Chandelier is here to brighten your day (literally) without overwhelming your room.

A Glimpse Inside: The Art of Creating Our Floral Trays May 09 2024, 0 Comments

Sazerac Stitches Floral Trays

A Touch of Floral Magic for Your Home: Our floral trays are more than just functional homeware; they're captivating pieces of art, meticulously crafted to bring a touch of nature's beauty into your everyday life. Each tray features a mesmerizing kaleidoscope-inspired arrangement of vibrant, pressed flowers, suspended in crystal-clear resin for lasting beauty. From delicate baby's breath to bold hydrangeas, the variety ensures a tray that complements any décor. Explore our collection and discover a unique and everlasting piece for yourself or a loved one.

Mothers' Day Gift Guide: Focus on Florals May 02 2024, 0 Comments

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A round up of some of our favorite Mother's Day gift ideas!

Embracing the Timeless Beauty of Raw Brass in Sazerac Stitches Lighting April 27 2024, 0 Comments

What is Raw Brass? And why you should buy it.

Let's delve into what raw brass is and why it holds a special place in Sazerac Stitches designs. Un-lacquered brass, also known as raw brass, is brass that is intentionally left unsealed to allow for natural oxidation to occur. This process is what gives raw brass its distinct patina and beautiful character over time. Unlike lacquered brass, which maintains a consistent appearance, raw brass evolves and matures, adding a unique charm to each fixture.

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Light Fixture March 08 2024, 0 Comments

how to choose the perfect dining room light fixture

The dining room: the heart of your home, where good food and great conversation intertwine. Whether you're hosting lavish dinner parties or enjoying quiet family meals, the right lighting can set the mood and elevate the atmosphere. But with so many options available, finding the perfect dining room light fixture can feel like a daunting task. Don't fret! We've gathered expert tips to help you navigate through the sea of choices and find the ideal lighting solution for your space.

Milton Bookshelf Lamp: A Marriage of Form and Function February 17 2024, 0 Comments

In the world of interior design, the concept of "Bookshelf Wealth" is gaining traction. This trend involves curating a collection of items over time, arranging them in an organized yet unpolished manner. It's about creating a space that reflects one's personality and interests. Enter the Milton Bookshelf Lamp.

The Best Peach Home Decor from Small Businesses January 13 2024, 0 Comments

The Best Peach Decor from Small Businesses

Here's some of our favorite Peach-colored pieces from small creators and vintage curators.  Hope you enjoy!

The Best Peach Lighting: Sconces, Pendants, Chandeliers, & Flushmounts January 12 2024, 0 Comments

Peaching Lighting for any space

In line with Pantone's 2024 color of the year, Peach Fuzz, here's a curated collection of our favorite peach light fixtures. Explore our roundup of Peach wall light fixtures or sconces, as well as a selection of Peach ceiling fixtures, including Pendants and Chandeliers.

Perfect With Peach - Tried & True Color Palettes For Pantone's 2024 Color Of The Year Peach Fuzz January 11 2024, 0 Comments

Colors that go with peach

Seven easy and creative color palettes that incorporate Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year into your home decor.

Year in Review: A Closer Look At Our New Products From 2023 January 01 2024, 0 Comments

As we take a look back on the last year, we wanted to take a look at all of the new products we released this year. We feel like there has been something for everyone and hope you've enjoyed them as much as we have.

Sazerac Stitches 2023 Holiday Gift Guide November 27 2023, 0 Comments

With our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, we've got gifts for everyone on your list! From planters for your plant lover and home decor to gifts for the kiddos. Our list has you covered. And right now, everything is on sale until November 28th!

10 Houseplants You Probably Won't Kill February 09 2022, 0 Comments

Indoor plants do wonders for the home, both for health and decorative reasons. We have a thing for plants so we've compiled a list of ten easy houseplants you should have in your home.

Customization: Making Your Dream Light January 11 2022, 3 Comments

We absolutely LOVE coming up with the perfect fixture to fit the exact vision you have for your space. From experimenting with different colors, sizes, lengths and designs, we've found that sometimes one little tweak can make a huge difference. Here's what we can and cannot do when it comes to customization.

Wallpaper Resources We Love June 28 2021, 0 Comments

Generally speaking, people either love wallpaper or dislike it. We believe that wallpaper can work for everybody and it's a very easy way to give a room personality!

Meet the owners of Sazerac Stitches June 28 2021, 0 Comments

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post! Since it's our first endeavor into the blog writing world, we want you to get to know us a little better. And what better way to do that, than with an old Cosmo style 10-question interview!