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Powdercoating: The Secret Behind Sazerac Stitches' Colorful Lighting May 23 2024, 0 Comments

Powdercoating: The secret behind colorful and durable light fixtures

Imagine stepping into your home and being greeted by a symphony of color. Light fixtures aren't just functional at Sazerac Stitches – they're vibrant splashes of personality, handcrafted right here in New Orleans. But there's a secret weapon behind those eye-catching hues: powder coating!

Embracing the Timeless Beauty of Raw Brass in Sazerac Stitches Lighting April 27 2024, 0 Comments

What is Raw Brass? And why you should buy it.

Let's delve into what raw brass is and why it holds a special place in Sazerac Stitches designs. Un-lacquered brass, also known as raw brass, is brass that is intentionally left unsealed to allow for natural oxidation to occur. This process is what gives raw brass its distinct patina and beautiful character over time. Unlike lacquered brass, which maintains a consistent appearance, raw brass evolves and matures, adding a unique charm to each fixture.