Powdercoating: The Secret Behind Sazerac Stitches' Colorful Lighting May 23 2024, 0 Comments

Sazerac Stitches powder coated color options for light fixture

Why does Sazerac Stitches use Powdercoating? Two words: Color & Quality

Imagine stepping into your home and being greeted by a symphony of color. Light fixtures aren't just functional at Sazerac Stitches – they're vibrant splashes of personality, handcrafted right here in New Orleans. But there's a secret weapon behind those eye-catching hues: powder coating!

We ditched traditional paint years ago for this technique. Why? Because powder coating creates a finish that's as tough as it is beautiful. Think of it like a superhero suit for your lighting – resistant to chipping, fading, and even the splashes you get in kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, cleaning is a breeze – a simple wipe-down keeps your Sazerac Stitches fixtures sparkling for years to come.

The Power of Powder Coating

But the benefits go beyond durability. Powder coating opens the door to a universe of color, allowing us to create a dazzling spectrum of lighting unlike anything possible with traditional paint. We offer a curated selection of over 30 stunning shades to unleash your inner designer. But what if you have a specific dream color in mind? No problem! We can create custom powder-coated finishes for a fraction of the price you'd find elsewhere.

Sazerac Stitches curated selection of powdercoating colors

Here's the thing about powder coating – it uses pre-made colors, not a mix-and-match system like paint. So, there might be slight variations between your desired hue and the closest available powder coat. But fear not, color enthusiasts! At Sazerac Stitches, we see this as an opportunity.

Powdercoating RAL deck next to a Rainbow splay of a traditional style paint deck

We can use transparent finishes and layering techniques to create unique depth and dimension in our lighting, even within a limited color palette. In fact, that's how we turned a glossy mustard into our Matte Mustard (and brown into the Terra Cotta finish). Imagine what other finishes could be created. Think matte blacks with a subtle shimmer, or textured whites that add a touch of modern flair. It's like the magic trick used to create those eye-catching metallic finishes on car rims – but for your home lighting!

Powdercoating Finishes - adding a matte clear layer of powdercoating changes a glossy color into something more sophisticated

The Science Behind the Sparkle: How Powder Coating Works

Imagine a world where paint comes in a dry, fluffy form. That's basically powder coating! Instead of a liquid base with pigments suspended in it, powder coating uses finely ground particles of polyester (aka plastic) resin mixed with color and other additives. These tiny particles are like super-charged dust bunnies – they get a static shock that makes them cling to the metal fixture like magic.

Powdercoating a bright green color in the spray booth

Once the fixture is coated with this colorful dust, it takes a hot trip to the oven. Here's where the science gets really cool: the heat melts the powder particles, causing them to flow together and form a smooth, hard shell around the metal. This shell is the secret to powder coating's amazing durability – it's bonded to the metal at a molecular level, creating a super-tough and long-lasting finish.


Sazerac Stitches parts powdercoated black cherry after being cured in the oven after powdercoating

From Humble Beginnings to Brilliant Lighting: The Transformation

The next time you marvel at the vibrant hues of our Sazerac Stitches fixtures, remember the transformation that takes place. We start with unassuming, dirty steel and through the magic of powder coating, we transform it into a shiny, candy-colored masterpiece. It's a testament to both cutting-edge technology and the enduring beauty of color.

A Rainbow at Your Fingertips: The Power of Choice

Powder coating has revolutionized the way we create lighting at Sazerac Stitches. This technique allows us to offer a vast array of colors, from bold primaries to soft pastels, and everything in between. Imagine a fiery red pendant accenting your kitchen island, or a rainbow sputnik style chandelier to add whimsy to your children's playroom or bedroom makeover. With powder coating, the possibilities are endless!
Sazerac Stitches' rainbow sputnik-style chandelier called the Prism in a colorful child bedroom

Environmentally Friendly and Investment-Worthy

Powder coating isn't just about creating beautiful and durable lighting – it's also an environmentally friendly choice. Unlike traditional paint, it doesn't release harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air, making it a healthier choice for your home and the planet.

Josephine Chandelier with a Non-VOC label

And speaking of durability, powder coating's exceptional resistance to fading, chipping and scratches ensures your Sazerac Stitches fixtures will continue to burst with color for years to come. Imagine years down the line – your Sazerac Stitches fixtures will still be looking their best, a true testament to the investment-worthy quality of our powder-coated finishes.

Supporting Local, New Orleans Craftsmanship

Choosing Sazerac Stitches isn't just about getting beautiful, high-quality lighting – it's also about supporting local artisans and small businesses. We're a proudly New Orleans-based company, and we're passionate about working with other fantastic New Orleans businesses, like Westside Powdercoating, to ensure every step of the creation process meets our standards. When you choose Sazerac Stitches, you're not just buying a light fixture, you're investing in the heart and soul of New Orleans.

Westside Powder Coating, New Orleans business working with Sazerac Stitches for colorful lighting

Cost-Effective Beauty: Powder Coating's Hidden Advantage

Powder coating might seem like a premium process, but it actually offers hidden cost advantages. Powder coating is inherently more economical than traditional paint. This allows us to offer high-quality finishes at competitive prices, making Sazerac Stitches lighting an attractive option for design-conscious homeowners. And when you consider the added value of custom color options at a fraction of the usual cost, the advantage becomes even clearer.

Colorful flower drawer pulls in a number of bright and pastel shades.  Retro style drawer pulls designed by Sazerac Stitches

Uniqueness and Customization: The Power of Powder Coating

Finally, powder coating allows us to create a wider range of finishes than traditional paint, including textured and metallic options. This opens up a world of design possibilities and allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind lighting piece that reflects your personal style. Imagine a sleek, matte black chandelier that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your dining room, or a cluster of antique brass sconces that bring a vintage feel to your hallway. With powder coating, the only limit is your imagination. 

Drew Chandelier with 6 Lights from Sazerac Stitches in naturally lit dining room

Sazerac Stitches: Where Quality Meets Color

At Sazerac Stitches, we believe that lighting should be more than just functional. It should be a source of beauty and inspiration in your home. That's why we handcraft our fixtures with the finest materials and the latest techniques, like powder coating. We are committed to offering superior quality, exceptional durability, and a dazzling array of colors to fit any style. So, browse our collection today and discover the perfect lighting pieces to add a touch of Sazerac magic to your space!

multi-colored spike pendant or table lamp featuring rainbow spikes.  One of many custom color combinations of light fixtures sazerac stitches can make with its collection of curated colors