The Chimie Chandelier: A Conversation-Starting Statement Piece May 28 2024, 0 Comments

Brass and glass Chimie Chandelier light fixture by Sazerac Stitches in open blue, white and wood modern kitchen

Science whizzes turned lighting enthusiasts? That's us at Sazerac Stitches. Back in college, we were fascinated by the natural world (think evolutionary biology) and the thrill of engineering challenges. Those passions might not have led us down traditional career paths, but they did spark the creation of something truly unique: the Chimie Chandelier.

Chimie Chandelier by Sazerac Stitches over kitchen island in blue and wood kitchen


A Modern Masterpiece Inspired by Science

The Chimie boasts a unique, organically shaped branching design that reminds us of a molecular model. Science buffs, rejoice! This intricate network of luminous branches, each cradling a beautiful 6-inch glass globe (available in clear or white, your call!), is anchored by raw brass branches. We're talking real brass, not some cheap gold imposter (check out our previous blog to learn more about the beauty of this timeless material).

Chimie Chandelier a raw brass and glass light fixture for larger spaces


Light Up Your Fun and Functional Space

Imagine the Chimie Chandelier gracing your dining room, casting a warm glow over epic dinner parties or cozy family meals. The interplay of light and shadow through the glass globes will transform any gathering into an unforgettable event. But the Chimie isn't just a dining room diva! Picture its brilliance illuminating your long kitchen island or bar, adding a touch of sophistication (and maybe a little science-y flair) to your culinary haven.

Brass and glass Chimie Chandelier by Sazerac Stitches in modern kitchen


Find Your Perfect Chimie Match

We get it, style is personal. That's why the Chimie comes in three stunning finishes for the metal branches and sphere: classic brass, sleek black or modern chrome. But the customization doesn't stop there! You can also select between clear or white glass globes. Clear globes provide a crisp, unobstructed view of your light bulbs, creating a brighter and more modern feel. White glass globes, on the other hand, diffuse the light for a softer, more ambient glow, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. These options allow you to perfectly tailor the Chimie Chandelier to your existing decor and desired mood, ensuring a cohesive and luxurious look.

Chimie Chandelier in raw brass with white glass globes by Sazerac Stitches
Chimie Chandelier in raw brass with clear glass globes by Sazerac Stitches

Key Features:

  • Large chandelier ideal for high ceilings and expansive spaces
  • Bold, organic branching design in brass, black, or chrome finish 
  • Clear or white glass globes (6-inches) on arms of varying sizes
  • 7 E26 sockets with a max wattage of 60W per socket
  • 24-inch downrod included (additional lengths available)
  • Mid-century modern or contemporary style
Braa Chimie Chandelier by Sazerac Stitches in dark moody kitchen with floral wallpaper


More Than Just Illumination (But It Does That Too!)

The Chimie Chandelier is an investment in the personality of your home. It's a piece that reflects your style, sparks conversation, and creates a lasting impression. Choose the Chimie Chandelier for your grand space and experience the transformative power of light (and maybe a little science!)

Raw brass Chimie light fixture by Sazerac Stitches in large modern and colorful living room


Not sure how to measure or choose the right lighting for your dining room? 

We've got you covered! Check out our previous blog post, How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Light Fixture, for expert tips and tricks to ensure your Chimie Chandelier hangs at the perfect height and creates the ideal ambiance.

Chimie Chandelier by Sazerac Stitches in modern blue and white breakfast nook

Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about the Chimie Chandelier and add a touch of dazzling style (and science!) to your grand space!