Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Hardware Guaranteed to Match Lighting June 19 2024, 0 Comments

Drawer Pulls and knobs that are guaranteed to match

Ugh, those tired drawer pulls. They just don't sing the same happy tune as the rest of your vibrant home decor. You crave a pop of color, a touch of playful elegance, but finding hardware that flawlessly complements your lighting feels like searching for a unicorn. Been there, done that! It's why we decided to make drawer pulls and knobs!

Rainbow assortment of drawer pulls & knobs by Sazerac Stitches

Here at Sazerac Stitches, we're all about bringing color and personality to your home. We're a bunch of New Orleans design enthusiasts who get downright giddy about creating fun lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware and drawer pulls, and other unique home decor pieces. 

Tired of the struggle to find that exact shade of "gold" or "brass" that ties your space together? We get it. That's why both our drawer pulls and lighting fixtures are handcrafted using the same materials-- raw brass, chrome, and powdercoated steel.  For example, our Hydrangea Blue Loa Sconce is always a perfect match to many of our hardware options like the Milne knob, Gumball knob, Large Mushroom Drawer Pull, and our Daisy Knob.


 Drawer Pull Options for Every Design Style:

Retro style bedroom with rainbow watercolor wallpaper and mid century modern nightstand with colorful drawer pulls

Colorful Cuties

Craving color?  We have a few knob and drawer pull designs designed specifically for our color lovers.  Because these knobs have powdercoating, they're guaranteed to match our rainbow-colored lighting.  Combining our knobs and lighting is a foolproof way to ensure design compatibility.

Our playful Gumball knob collection boasts over 30 colors, allowing you to inject a personalized pop into any kitchen cabinet or dresser drawer. Think sunshine yellow, terra cotta brown, or a cool minty green – the choice is yours! 
    Rainbow assortment of gumball knobs


    For a touch of retro-vintage flair, our best-selling Daisy Knob pairs perfectly with our mid-century modern inspired lighting designs.  These knobs are a great choice for retro styles and kids spaces too. We can make our Daisy knobs in more color combinations than we can even list on our website!

    Retro style drawer pulls in a floral daisy shape with a colored contrasting ball.  50s, 60s, & 70s mid century retro floral drawer pull style


    For just a touch of whimsy, our Piety drawer pulls pair color with a sleek and simple drawer pull design that can be used vertically or horizontally.  They're perfect for a dresser or desk makeover.

    Mint and Brass Long Drawer Pull

    Sophisticated Simplicity

    Craving a modern geometry minus the color?  We've got you covered. Our drawer pull collection also features sleek knobs in a variety of geometric shapes that any minimalist would love.
    Brass and chrome geometric drawer pulls by sazerac stitches
    We've combined cubes and ball components to create some simple but interesting options like our Mini Cube ball Drawer Pull.  Or our Milne Knob, whose double ball shape can be installed vertically or horizontally.  And our Mushroom Drawer pull and simple cube-shaped Jackson Knob cover the most basic shapes. These minimalist beauties seamlessly match our lighting fixtures, creating a cohesive and polished look in your bathroom, bedroom, or living area.

    Brass mushroom knobs on blue end table with orange lampshade milton and books

    Timeless Treasures

    Give your treasured antiques, Nancy Meyers built-ins, or that bar car you DIY'd a new lease on life with our collection of cast brass drawer pulls and knobs.  The cast brass component is made in Italy.  We then take these parts and transform them into unique drawer pulls that match all of our cast-brass lighting fixtures like a floral Octavia Chandelier, our Regency style Ruby Sconce, or the newly popular shell-shaped wall sconce, the Coquille
    Dark Nightstand with a modern cream lamp by Sazerac Stitches and brass sun-shaped cast brass drawer pulls.  Antique books and a vintage bust of Napoleon.


    Weird, but in a Good Way

    Add a touch of weird to your space with our unique Splat drawer pulls. Crafted from cast acrylic sheets, these playful pulls feature a captivating paint splatter design in a variety of finishes. Perfect for injecting a touch of personality into children's rooms, kitchens, or anywhere you want to embrace a lighthearted touch. We love these in rooms that embrace color and pop art design.

    Green splat knobs in a variety of colors. Includes transparent neon green, frosted green, pearly lime green, frosted emerald, and more.  Colorful green paint-splatter shaped drawer pulls and knobs.


    Taking the Guesswork out of Design

    Take your design a step further by creating a truly unified aesthetic. Because our drawer pulls and lighting fixtures are crafted from the same materials, including the raw brass, they're guaranteed to match flawlessly. Imagine a pastel pink sputnik-shaped Orion Chandelier in your nursery, perfectly complemented by our Gumball knobs in the same vibrant hue.  Or imagine adding one of our sculptural table lamps, like the Vertebrale on your made-over midcentury modern style nightstand that's been made over with our sleek Piety drawer pulls.  

    Lighting matching with drawer pulls. Includes the Daisy Gumball lamp and the Mint & Chartreuse Vertebrale Lamp with Piety Drawer pulls in chartreuse, mustard, & hydrangea. Plus a custom Mint and Brass daisy drawer pull with a Mustard gumball knob


    Made to Order & Customization Options

    Purple Splat knobs on dark wood night stand


    Here at Sazerac Stitches, we believe in the beauty of customization. We create each piece to order, so if you have a vision for a specific color or design element that doesn't appear in our collection, we're happy to discuss creating a bespoke piece to suit your unique style or helping you find the perfect powdercoating color. We can change the powder-coating color on a Gumball Knob, the acrylic used on a Splat drawer pull, or the dimensions of a Piety Drawer Pull.  


    Powdercoating and paint deck


    Ready to transform your space with a splash of color and personality? Explore our collection of handcrafted drawer pulls and lighting fixtures and discover the perfect match for your home. Don't forget to share your colorful creations with us on social media using # sazeracstitches.  Contact us today if you'd like to get some custom colored drawer pulls!