The Best Peach Lighting: Sconces, Pendants, Chandeliers, & Flushmounts January 12 2024, 0 Comments

Colorful Lighting is the Quickest Way to Show off Personality

Introducing color through lighting has the power to transform our interiors, offering a magical palette of possibilities to set the mood. A vibrant and eye-catching lighting design instantly injects a lively, modern aesthetic into any room.

Beyond mere aesthetics, it's a delightful opportunity to infuse personality into our spaces. While the ubiquity of brass sconces on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok is undeniable, opting for a plain sconce might lack the flair and individuality needed to elevate the overall room design. Rather than settling for mundane lighting, let's wholeheartedly embrace the timeless wisdom that "Lighting is jewelry for your home." By selecting shapes, colors, and designs that evoke a specific feeling, we can make a unique statement.

In line with Pantone's 2024 color of the year, Peach Fuzz, here's a curated collection of our favorite peach light fixtures. Explore our roundup of Peach wall light fixtures or sconces, as well as a selection of Peach ceiling fixtures, including Pendants and Chandeliers. Elevate your space with lighting that not only illuminates but also adds a touch of individuality and warmth to your home. 

If you want to make the jump to adding peach lighting for your space, we rounded up 7 color schemes that look great with peach!



Peach-Colored Wall Lighting and Sconces for Every Space:

The Best Peach Lighting for Every Space in your home - Sconces and wall lighting

1. Kin Sconce in Cream, Peach, & Brass: Geometry meets colorblocking in this unique sconce.  Because the bulb is uncovered, you have ultimate control of how bright it should be.

2. Charity Sconce: Large and in charge, the charity sconce looks amazing sitting between two mirrors above an oversized vanity

3. Double Valmont Sconce: Traditional and slightly masculine, the Double Valmont's shades can always be swapped if you fall out of love with peach.

4. Peach, Cream, & Gold Marbled Thalia Sconce: Perfect way to bring chinoiserie chic style to a small powder room.

5. Souris-6: Bold statement lighting that looks phenomenal as a pair.  

6. Double Clancy Sconce: Masculine, Mid Century modern wall sconce that always looks amazing on a patterned wallpaper.

7. Sonny Sconce: Smaller Mid Century wall style wall sconce or flushmount ceiling light.

8. Julia Sconce: An updated silhouette of a classic 3-armed curvy wall sconce.  Adds some old world charm and a pop of color.

9. Warhol Sconce in Peach, Terra Cotta, & Brass: Small color blocked Sconce that adds a playful pop of color.

10. Coquille Sconce: Beautiful sconce that is a mix of nautical vibes & Art Deco details.

11. Loa Sconce with Peach Shade: Small and versatile sconce that works just as well in a homework nook as it does in a bathroom.

12. Valmont Sconce: Featuring an oversized curved arm and a stylish cone-shaped shade in a delightful peach hue, seamlessly blending traditional vibes with a modern twist through its array of color options

13. Fontainebleau Sconce in Peach & Brass: Curvy and glamorous sconce with just a hint of color.

14. Small Thalia Sconce in Peach & Brass: petite peach sconce, adorned with delicate brass accents and housing two light bulbs for a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication

15. Abeille Sconce: Modern minimalism infused with an Art Deco silhouette. 

16.  Double Kelly Sconce: One of our best sellers. It's the ultimate bathroom wall sconce.

17. Clancy Sconce: An oversized Mid Century Modern inspired double cone wall sconce that works particularly well next to or over a bed.

18. Peach Double Loa Sconce:  A sleek and versatile two-light version of our single Loa sconce.

19. Double Coquille Sconce: Art Deco inspired wall sconce in the shape of two Shells with some intricate cast brass accents.

20. Souris-5 Sconce: Sculptural & symmetric wall sconce with a geometric vibe.


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Peach Ceiling Lights - Pendants and Chandeliers

1. Loa Bicycle Club: Petite and playful small chandelier that can provide enough light for a bathroom or small Nursery.

2. Clancy Chandelier: Mid Century modern style chandelier that works just as well in a living room as it does in a dining room.

3. Monochromatic Arcenciel Chandelier: Super popular for girls' nurseries, playrooms, and bedrooms.  The perfect jewelry for your ceiling.

4. Hippolyte Chandelier in Peach, Hydrangea, & Poolside: The perfect mix of pastels for the Y2K aesthetic. 

5. Bruxelles Pendant: Warehouse style lighting updated to be in every fun color that we sell.  Would love to see these in a loft over a kitchen island.

6. Loa Annunciation Chandelier: Great medium-sized chandelier for bedrooms, dining rooms, entry ways, and more.

7. Loa Carousel Chandelier: Our customers love to use this fixture in nurseries and we love to see it!

8. Cadiz 3-Light Chandelier: Add just a pop of color in a subtle way.

9. Solaris Chandelier: Designed to be a statement piece!

10. Two-Light Linear Clancy Chandelier: Long and thin, this fixture was designed to be the perfect piece for a kitchen island, pool table, or a narrow dining table.

11. Hippolyte Chandelier in Peach: The perfect light for tall and narrow spaces.  Adds a sculptural element to your ceiling.

12. Orion Chandelier in Peach: An update to the sputnik chandelier, this is great chandelier for slightly taller ceilings.

13. Loa Chandelier in Peach: Retro Style chandelier that will shine focused light where you need it.

14. Nesting Loa Pendant: Sculptural pendant inspired by Atomic Lamp Shades.

15. Cadiz Pendant: Simple pendant that adds just a pop of color.

16. Piety Chandelier in Peach & Brass: Oversized and the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color.

17. Calliope Chandelier: A great chandelier if you have shorter ceilings.  A cool alternative to track lighting.

18. Adele Chandelier: Scallops are everywhere! Of course we needed to add it to a chandelier.

19. Taeuber Pendant in Peach & Blush Pink: Clean, minimal, and the perfect opportunity to add a colorblocked pendant anywhere you need one.

20. Clancy Pendant: Versatile pendant light with a cinched waist.

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