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Sazerac Stitches Blog Post - Trie & True Color Palettes Using Peach

Pantone & Their 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Here's the deal. Pantone's Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz. They're painting it as a "velvety gentle peach" that's meant to enrich your heart, mind and body. Interpret that how you will; all we know is, peach can be a bit tricky to work with. It plays well with neutrals – no surprise there – but if you're a color enthusiast, things get interesting. Below, we're breaking down how designers skillfully incorporate peachy colors in fun and bold ways. We've got seven color combo ideas that might just change your perspective on Peach Fuzz. Don't forget to check out our blog posts on The Best Peach Lighting and The Best Peach Home Decor from Small Businesses.

How Designers Pick Colors

Designers skillfully avoid random color choices by leveraging a deep understanding of color theory. Rather than relying on chance, they employ refined techniques that frequently rely on color theory.

While designers can spend entire courses diving into color theory, let's keep things breezy and share some quick tricks for incorporating - or even designing an entire room around - the color peach.

We will delve into the following types of color palettes: Monochromatic, Analogous & Complimentary.
coral peach shelves with sazerac stitches brass lighting

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Monochromatic Peach Color Palette

Monochromatic Peach Color Palettes

A monochromatic color palette is a design approach that revolves around a single base color, using various shades, tones and tints derived from that color. In simpler terms, it involves incorporating different variations of one color to create a cohesive and harmonious look. This palette often includes the base color, lighter tints (by adding white) and darker shades (by adding black or other complementary colors). The result is a visually unified and elegant aesthetic that relies on the subtle variations within the chosen color family.

Peach can have hints of pink or orange in it. So, when you're going for a monochromatic look, the shades can range from rusty coppers and bright oranges to soft pinks, depending on the exact peachy hue you pick. It's all about playing with those variations to create a nice, easy-on-the-eyes, vibe in your space.

 Peachy Nursery Design
Photo Inspo: Double Valmont Sconce in bathroom from Probably This and Single Loa Sconce in nursery from LayBabyLay


What Home Decor Style would look good with Monochromatic Peach Color Palette?

Short answer? Everything. Peach color palettes are great for modern and minimalist designs, giving a clean and simple look. They also fit well in contemporary styles, adding a classy and timeless vibe. Even traditional or classic interiors can use monochromatic colors, especially in neutral tones, for a fancy yet straightforward feel.




Analogous Color Scheme

Analogous Peach Color Palette

Peach Analogous Color Scheme
An analogous color palette is a group of colors next to each other on the color wheel. These colors share a common base hue and have similar tones, creating a harmonious and cohesive look when used together. In simpler terms, it's like picking colors that are neighbors on the color wheel. An analogous palette often includes a main color and its neighboring shades, allowing for a balanced and pleasing color combo.

To add some excitement, designers often tweak an analogous color scheme by playing around with the hues, tints, tones, or shades. For instance, they might pair a soft peach with lively mustards, subtle pinks, and bold fuchsias for a dynamic and spicy look.


peach and mustard kids bedroom with sazerac stitches drawer pulls and lighting Peach and Mustard Hallway with bold maximalist wallpaper Peach, Pink, and Mustard nursery design with a 60s mod vibe
Photo Inspo: Custom Daisy Loa Carousel in kids room from @raveinteriordesign, Wedding Cake Pendant in hall from @adriennebreaux and Double Loa Sconce in nursery (please let us know if this is your nursery, we love it!)

What Home Decor Style would look good with an Analogous Peach Color Palette?

An analogous color palette can work well with various home decor styles, but it's particularly fitting for styles that embrace warmth, cohesion and a balanced aesthetic. Traditional and transitional styles often benefit from analogous color schemes, as they provide a harmonious and timeless look. Mediterranean and rustic styles, which draw inspiration from nature, can also complement analogous palettes, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Ultimately, the versatility of analogous colors allows them to enhance a range of home decor styles, adding a touch of visual unity and balance.

In addition, an analogous color palette can bring vibrant energy to a maximalist home decor style. Maximalism thrives on bold patterns, diverse textures and a mix of eclectic elements. Using an analogous color palette in maximalist decor helps make a space visually stimulating and expressive.



peach and turquoise bathroom featuring Sazerac Stitches light fixture

Complimentary Color Palettes

A complementary color palette is like putting two colors that are total opposites on the color wheel side by side. Picture pairs like red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple. These colors really stand out because they're so different, and when you use them together, they make each other look even more vibrant. It's like they're cheering each other on, creating a lively and attention-grabbing effect. Because peach can lean pink or orange, there's a wider range of complimentary colors that can be used.  Any color in the blue-green family will work.  Here are some of our favorites:

Peach & Navy Color Palette

This is a great combination for spaces with neutral walls. Its a super calm combo that can usually be pulled off by changing accessories. Plus, the two colors make for a beautiful distinction of light and dark.
Peach and Navy bathroom
Peach Bedroom with neutral tones and a pop of navy

Peach & Olive Green Color Palette

The softness of peach and earthiness of olive green creates an inviting and soothing atmosphere. One color usually plays the main character and the other is there in small accents as a supporting role. The peach tends to lean on the pink side in this combo. 
peach and green bedroom with chandelier from sazerac stitches
Peach and Olive Green Bathroom makeover with brass accents
Photo Inspo - Large Octavia Chandelier in peach and green bedroom (please let us know if this is your space because we LOVE it!); @joidan82, Double Kelly Sconce

Peach & Chartreuse or Emerald Green Color Palette

Envision a lively mix where the warmth of peach meets the boldness of chartreuse or emerald green – it's like the energetic cousins to peach and olive green. Now, when you introduce additional shades of green or hints of terra cotta, this color scheme transforms into a split-complementary masterpiece.

In simple terms, a split-complementary palette involves choosing one main color and then using the two colors next to its opposite on the color wheel. This creates a balanced and eye-catching combination, adding depth and richness to your palette while maintaining a trendy and sophisticated look.

Peach and Green Master bathroom renovation - Complimentary color palettes with Peach
Peach and emerald Green double bedroom airbnb
Green, blue, pink and peach vibrant pop art inspired living room

Peach & Mint Color Palette

A playful and light peach and mint color scheme in interior design infuses spaces with a refreshing and balanced ambiance. The warm notes of peach playfully mingle with the cool tones of mint, creating a lively yet tranquil atmosphere. This combination adds a subtle touch of tropical flair without losing its chic and stylish charm, making it a versatile choice for a variety of settings.
Mint and Peach tropical coffee shop
Mint & Peach tropical coffee shop
Mint and Peach Bathroom makeover
Mint & Peach double bedroom with feminine accents
Tropical mint and peach bathroom suite vanity

Peach & Teals/Turquoises

Peach and teals/turquoises top our list of favorite combos because they effortlessly blend the warm undertones of peach with the diverse spectrum of blue and green tones. From soft pastels to rich and vibrant shades, the possibilities are endless. This dynamic pairing not only adds intrigue but also infuses spaces or outfits with a fresh and modern aesthetic. Whether you're exploring tonal subtleties or opting for bold vibrancy, this combination remains a stylish choice, versatile enough to elevate any setting. The adaptability of these hues allows for an ever-evolving palette that never fails to capture attention and evoke a sense of sophistication.
Muted Teal and Peach Victorian Modern Living Room
Vibrant Peach Bathroom with teal Vanity Light
Peach and turquoise tropical bathroom design with gallery wall of pictures and plants

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