Year in Review: A Closer Look At Our New Products From 2023 January 01 2024, 0 Comments

As we take a look back on the last year at Sazerac Stitches, we wanted to take a look at all of the new products we released this year. We feel like there has been something for everyone and hope you've enjoyed them as much as we have. Here's to more creating in 2024! We know it will be a year full of color, cutting edge designs and lots of light. 

photos of Sazerac Stitches Abeille Sconces
Inspired by Art Deco and Midcentury modern decor, the Abeille Sconce or Flushmount infuses your space with an inviting ambiance. Its beehive shape is complemented by curated color options, adding a playful element to its retro appeal. The sconce features a white glass globe that emits a mellow radiance, casting a gentle glow in your surroundings. Since it can also double as a flushmount ceiling light, the Abeille is a perfect addition for those looking to incorporate a touch of vintage charm to their homes without compromising on contemporary minimalist aesthetics. Want more? Click here.
Sazerac Stitches Adele Sconce, Double Sconce and Chandelier
Want to add a pop of color and enchantment to your space? The fixtures in our Adele collection have you covered. With a modern yet traditional aesthetic, these fixtures use have a scalloped design that dances with light and shadow. The unique, subtly romantic vibe it brings will surely make your space delightfully dramatic. With 30 colors to choose from, find shades that match your existing palette or try a bold hue to make a striking statement. Here's more on the Adele Sconce, Adele Two Light Sconce, and Adele Chandelier.
Sazerac Stitches Botanico Collection

The Botanico Collection offers a unique way to bring botanical elements into your décor. The handmade disc features real dried leaves or flowers encased in resin. The fixtures in this collection are perfect for accent or ambient lighting as a single fixture or as part of a larger installation. We had a lot of fun expanding the options available in our Botanico Collection this year. Not only did we add more colors - yellow and white (with more to come!) - we also added a Large Botanico Sconce/Flushmount, a Double Botanico Sconce and a Botanico Chandelier.

Sazerac Stitches Bottle Stoppers

Probably the most fun and unique new products we created this year have to be our new collection of Bottle Stoppers. Made from different light fixture parts, there is literally something for everyone in this collection. From whimsical and colorful daisy flowers to raw brass, our bottle stoppers are great for sealing wines (if you actually leave a bottle with wine left over), vinegars, oils and most screw-top liquor bottles. Each has a stainless steel base, raw brass finish, and rubber bands to secure the grip.

Sazerac Stitches Bruxelles Pendant

Want a perfect blend of warehouse charm and industrial appeal? The colorful Bruxelles Pendant is ideal for illuminating your kitchen island with a touch of vintage style. With customizable length options, you can achieve the perfect minimalist aesthetic in any space. Named after a New Orleans street (and the capital of Belgium), this pendant adds a perfect touch of color and a nostalgic flair to your decor. Want to see more? Click here.

Sazerac Stitches Coquille Collection

We channeled our love for the beach and our mermaid vibes when we created this Art Deco inspired wall sconce in the shape of a shell. With beautiful and intricate cast brass accents, these fixtures come in all of our unique colors. The Coquille Sconce can be installed up or down and the Double Coquille Sconce can be installed horizontally or vertically, making your options endless. These fixtures would look amazing in an art deco or beach inspired bathroom, as hallway or sunroom lighting, or with funky, maximalist or eclectic decor.  

Sazerac Stitches Leafy Gumball Chandelier

Timeless elegance meets modern glamour with our new Leafy Gumball Chandelier. Blending old-world charm with contemporary design, it features an acrylic ball adorned with gold-leaf shaped attachments. This chandelier is perfect for all decor styles - eclectic, modern Victorian, maximalist, or chinoiserie spaces - and serves as a statement piece in living rooms, dining rooms, or as a plug-in lamp for ambient lighting. Make it yours and click here.

hand-marbled Finn Table Lamp by Sazerac Stitches

Equal parts quirky and cute, our hand-marbled Finn Table Lamp provides ambient lighting to add interest to boring areas. Since they are hand-marbled, each one is completely unique in design and color. Brighten up that office space or add some happiness to your desk. You know you want more, so click here. We also have a color-blocked version you can use any of our colors to compliment your space. Check it out, right here.

Margot Sculptural Table Lamp by Sazerac Stitches

The Sculptural Margot Lamp and Margot Pendant are meticulously crafted masterpieces that seamlessly blend refined elegance with timeless design. Available in three chic colors – blue, lavender, and cream – their versatile aesthetic effortlessly complements any room, making them a stylish addition to your home decor. The lamp stands tall with a ceramic base and a brass foot, while a white frosted globe nestled in a brass bowl completes the ensemble. We also have an awesome table lamp to compliment the pendant, so be sure to check out all three here.

Milton Bookshelf Lamp by Sazerac Stitches

Stylish and functional, the Milton Bookshelf Lamp is a chic, customizable addition to any interior. Made of durable steel and available in all 30 of our unique colors, it's a modern, block-shaped light fixture with a book-like design, and is perfect for minimalist, maximalist, modern, eclectic and kid-friendly spaces. A G9 bipin socket provides adjustable illumination with a frosted glass globe cover, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any space. Whether you prefer gentle upward lighting, a focused downward glow, or a unique sideways placement when laid on top of books, this lamp adapts to your preferences, offering a dynamic and personalized lighting experience.

Memphis Chandelier in Pastel Colors

The 80s are back! We had fun designing this randomly colorful fixture inspired by Memphis Design. This year, we added a pastel version and we love the color options it brings. The elongated shape makes it the perfect candidate for narrow dining rooms, studios and more. Multiple downrod lengths are available for this fixture. Be sure to check out the OG version, here.

Sazerac Stitches Ruby Sconce

The Ruby Sconce is romantic brass sconce with a floral cup and a leaf scrolled arm. With it's single candelabra socket, this Victorian inspired wall sconce is perfect as accent lighting anywhere you need an old-world touch.  

Surya Chandelier by Sazerac Stitches

Great chandelier lighting can transform a dining room, bedroom, or living area with just the flick of a switch. The Surya Chandelier is a modern meets vintage Hollywood glam with the inward turned sockets featuring lucite accents. This fixture would make a gorgeous dining, bedroom, or living room chandelier because it gives off a really romantic glow. Upgrade your lighting with this chandelier and its complimentary Surya Sconce.

Taeuber Pendant by Sazerac Stitches

Whether your style is minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between, the Taeuber Pendant's eye-catching color options and sleek design are sure to impress. Its color-blocking design allows you to pick your favorite colors from our curated colors, 900 different combinations to be precise. We know you want more, so click here.

Candle Holders by Sazerac Stitches
We added some really fun new candle holders this year and we're so excited to share them. Each one is made of raw brass and colorful powdercoated parts - all parts we also use in different light fixtures! We have colorful options in the Daisy Candle Holder (available in short and tall and all of our colors), and Frenchmen Candle Holder (available in all of our colors and featuring a brass Trumpet shaped bottom with a colorful disc above), and classic raw brass options, the Country Club Candle Holder (a unique candle holder with palm tree like floral pieces) and the Eliza 6 Candle Holder (our first multi-candle holder with a tiered design). If you're a candle lover, we have you covered no matter your aesthetic. Check out allllll of our awesome candle holders by clicking right here.
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Thank you for taking this backward glance with us as 2023 comes to a close. We're so excited to keep the colors and designs coming in 2024.