Customization: Making Your Dream Light January 11 2022, 3 Comments


We absolutely LOVE coming up with the perfect fixture to fit the exact vision you have for your space. From experimenting with different colors, sizes, lengths and designs, we've found that sometimes one little tweak can make a huge difference. There are so many different ways we can customize your lights, so here's a little info on what we can do, what we'd love to do and what we just won't do (mainly for moral reasons).

It's no secret that we LOVE color, and we fully understand that color is one of the most important elements of interior design. That's why we've developed a carefully curated color palette of both soft and bold hues to compliment any space. We currently have 29 colors and we're always thinking about adding to the mix. When we get asked if we can make one of our lights in a different color than the one listed on the website, the answer is always YES! A recent color change request was for our Orion Chandelier, but in hydrangea, vista green and teal. We really loved the way it turned out so don't be surprised if this gets added to the website as a full-time option.

If you love one of our lights but need a different length, width or height to perfectly fit your space, let us know. Our friend Liz Kamarul came to us with a request for a wider Magazine Sconce in order to fit the light over a piece of art she wanted to hang. She gave us the measurements and we made it happen. We're always happy to make your light longer or shorter, wider or more narrow. Give us your measurements and we'll take it from there!

A lot of our popular wall sconces come in a single form or a double form, which means they have one or two sockets. But sometimes, when you have a bigger space, a third socket can help make a bigger impact, both in the amount of light and in the overall design. After a couple of custom requests for additional sockets, we recently added a third socket to our Double Daisy Loa Sconce and to our Double Kelly Sconce. The Triple Loa Sconce (above) will likely be hitting the website as an option very soon. Thinking you might want a little less light? The same way we add a socket to a fixture, we can generally take away a socket. A pendant or chandelier with six sockets can almost always be made with less sockets. We're happy to mock something up so that you can see it, just send us an email with your ideas.

Like some parts of one of our lights and some parts of another? Our friends Beau and Matt (Probably This) recently asked us to combine two of our lights - the Orion Chandelier and the Octavia Chandelier - and we loved the idea so much, it became one of our most popular chandeliers right now, the Octavia Blume

Want us to create something completely new and different? Not a problem, just send us an email with your thoughts and we'll do what we can to make it a reality. We've had the Zodiac and NOVA flushmounts on our website for a while now and we love the whole idea of zodiac signs and constellations. So when we were asked if we would design lights to reflect specific zodiac signs, we jumped at the chance. From a little research and a few email exchanges Leo, Libra, Taurus, Virgo and Cancer were born. We've just recently finished creating all of the Zodiac signs in brass, chrome, black and each zodiac sign's power colors.

You can literally put one of our lights anywhere you want by choosing the plug-in cord addition option for your fixture. That means you don't have to worry about where your wires are, or where your junction boxes are located ever again! A plug-in cord addition is available for all of our sconces (and some chandeliers too) and easily converts your fixture from hard-wired to plug-in. With this add-on, we wire the light differently, so this option must be purchased when you purchase your fixture. Each plug-in addition comes with 6-feet of cord, with an in-line switch about 12" from the base of the backplate. Switches and plugs come in black or white and we have a ton of fun colors to choose from for your cord. If a longer or shorter length is needed, just let us know. We also offer a toggle switch addition for those of you who want to control the light from the fixture itself.

We can also help you get your lighting EXACTLY where you want it. If you have an off-center junction box or a special room/furniture configuration, add a chain! By adding a swag chain to a Stella! Chandelier, @sparrowdesigncompany had more freedom with the overall space, and we absolutely love the way it turned out. So stop moving all of your furniture to fit your junction box and let us help!

Our standard backplates are 5", but we also have 4" backplates for smaller lights or smaller spaces, and 6" or 8" backplates for larger light fixtures and larger spaces. We can also get squares or rectangles, just ask!

Finally, our Cathedral Hangstraight is an add-on feature that can be added to any of our symmetrical chandeliers for angled, uneven or sloped ceilings. The hangstraight bends up to 90 degrees, so this is a great and easy way for our chandeliers to hang properly on very angled ceiling.

So basically, when you have a vision for your space, let us help. If you don't see exactly what you need on our website, let us know. We're here to get the creative juices flowing and come up with something great with you.

But one last thing - while we love trying our all the new things and new ideas, please, PLEASE do not ask us to copy a light you saw somewhere else. Do not send us a photo of a light from another website and ask us to create the same thing. That gives us major designer's block and makes us feel really icky too.

When you order from Sazerac Stitches, each and every product is made to order. We are a small business and a small team and we value each and every order. When you message us, you're talking directly with the designer and we are here to help you troubleshoot difficult stuff.