. Metal Finishes - Sazerac Stitches

Metal Finishes

Natural Raw Brass: Natural raw brass is not your 90's style brass. It is unlaquered, unsealed, and unpolished. This means the brass is in a natural state after manufacturing.  Markings may be visible on the pieces due to the machining or spinning process used to create the part. Because natural raw brass is unsealed, it will develop a patina over time due to the process of oxidation. Since parts are manufactured at different times, unfinished brass parts can be at different stages of aging.  How quickly a patina develops depends on location and environment. If you don't like patinated brass, you can always use a brass cleaner to shine up your fixture.

Chrome: A mirror-like finish.

Matte Black: The matte black finish comes through two different methods: powdercoating and enamel.  Both methods yield a matte black, zero reflective finish that is sleek, modern, and completely on trend.

Powder Coating: The glossy powdercoat finish is created through the use of epoxy powders and high levels of heat in order to create a protective barrier with a flawless looking finish. We stock a set number of colors, but can special order colors upon request.  Contact us to learn more!