. Pitot Chandelier - Sazerac Stitches

Pitot Chandelier


Simple geometric shapes--cones, spheres, and discs--collide with dynamic results in the Pitot-5 chandelier by Sazerac Stitches.  It features details that are only visible at certain angles.  Makes a great conversation piece. 

Various downrod lengths are available in the Size Menu below.  It does not refer to the total length or width of the fixture.  Please note that the total length of fixture can be calculated using the formula: total length = downrod length selected + 11.5 inches.

Measurements & Info:

  • Chandelier has five E26 sockets.
  • Bulbs not included. But any bulb with an E26 screw base can be used in the fixture.  This includes Edisons, globes, LEDs, incandescent bulbs, and dimmable bulbs.
  • 11.5" L without downrod, 24" diameter without bulbs.
  • Photographed using 24 in downrod and G25 bulbs.  With a 24 in downrod, the fixture's total length is 35.5 inches.
  • Max 75W per bulb
  • The Size option below refers

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